Earth, Wind & Fire/Monster Cable Event

Earth, Wind and Fire Event at Bjorn's Audio Video

On Monday, June 13, Bjorn’s was lucky enough (in fact we were 1 of 3 retailers in the country!) to be able to hold a private meet and greet with the legendary supergroup Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF). Thanks go out to the band, their management and also to our co-sponsor Monster Cable.

(l to r) Ralph Johnson, Phillip Bailey, Verdine White, Bjorn Dybdahl during Q&A session

Verdine White during the Q&A session

The evening started with a quick video of Verdine White and Ralph Johnson talking about their relationship with Monster Cable and their current 40th Anniversary tour. That’s right, they have been doing this for 40 years!. After that was their performance from the latest David Foster Blu-ray called The Hit Man Returns. Shortly after that clip, Phillip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson of  EWF took the stage for an hour Q&A session moderated by Bjorn. They talked about everything from the history and formation of the band 40 years ago, their favorite venues they have played to how the heck they look so young, even though they all turn 60 this year!

Fans participate in the Q&A

Next up was an announcement of why EWF and Monster have teamed up. They have developed their own model of in-ear headphones called “Gratitude”, that should be available around August and retail for around $229. EWF were involved with every step of development for these headphones and said if there would have been anything that did not meet their high standards, they never would have put their name on them.

Verdine White signs an autograph for a fan

Ralph Johnson poses for a picture with a fan

The night concluded with a meet and greet with the people in attendance. Everyone had a chance to meet EWF, get a picture or autograph. These guys are the real deal and are some of the nicest guys you can ever meet! After the meet and greet was finished Bjorn, of course, had to show them a demo of our Ultimate Theater Room. We then brought in some authentic mexican food for their dinner, took a quick tour of their tour bus and they were on their way, 10 hours to the next concert in Biloxi, MI.

EWF get a demo of Bjorn's Ultimate Theater Room

(l to r) Phillip Bailey, Bjorn Dybdahl, Kris Dybdahl, Ralph Johnson, Verdine White

I cannot stress enough, how thankful we are to the band and their management for making this happen. This was one of their days off from the tour and they agreed to spend it with us, so THANK YOU EWF, management and all at Monster Cable that helped in making this an unforgettable evening!

Pictures by Tom Neckar

6 Responses to “Earth, Wind & Fire/Monster Cable Event”

  1. Glynis J Hawkins-Wyche says:

    I would like to know more about the new product, in ear headphones. I am so excited they are coming to DPAC, and I was able to get tickets.

  2. Jeff McCoy says:

    Simply, ” All About Love” for these guys.They are the most original and unique band to ever perform onstage. I grew, as did the masses of listeners in the seventies with EWF. We will forever cherish the music , productions, and performances by this dynamic group.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Looking forward to hearing about the new earphones. EWF is so special to me–the first live concert I ever experienced was when EWF opened for Uriah Heap in Balitmore in 1973.

    Keep your head to the Sky,

  4. Fernando says:

    Hi, could it be possible to get one?
    I’m from Spain and from senventies I always play EWF music.
    It’s so difficult to explain all may friends why.
    They are always telling to me that I’m a little bit “retro”, and I say, forget me!. You really are wrong!.
    The best music, the best songs, the best over around the world is EWF.
    And….. after a few moments they noticed that!!!!

  5. Tim Flynn says:

    I want to know where I need to go to purchase them… I tried at Best Buy but they didn’t know anything about it. :(

  6. Sal S. says:

    The live concerts were the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen in my life and i am so blessed that i was able to witness so many of them in person. the music is timeless and lifts my spirits everyday of my life….thanks so much for all you have done.

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