10 Ways to Tidy Up and Upgrade Your System for Spring

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It’s that time of year when we all get out our dusters and stock up on cleaning supplies to give our living spaces a bit of a refresh. When you’re ready to get moving on some serious spring cleaning, don’t leave your electronics out of the equation. They deserve a good once over too, not only for appearance’s sake, but for top performance as well. Here are 10 ways you can spruce up your electronics this Spring for a sparkling image, sonorous sound and an aesthetically pleasing systems.

1) Connect all your equipment to a high-quality surge protector or power conditioner to get pure, clean power, eliminating noise, artifacts and interference in A/V, while protecting your gear from damaging surges.

2) Do a quick video calibration to make sure your picture settings are optimized. A video calibration will get your system to the best possible performance based on your environment and preferences. We can help with this.

3) Check your connections. If connections are loose or you feel like the picture quality is not up to snuff, you may need to upgrade to a better HDMI cable.

4) Test your speakers. Sometimes, wires are connected to the wrong speaker, whether it’s a stereo or multichannel surround setup. We can do a quick scan to make sure the sound from your speakers is accurate and tuned to your room.

5) Organize your wires. Labeling and grouping wires will keep them from collecting dust bunnies.

6) Consider ventilation. Aside from harmful power conditions, there is no greater enemy to the life of your equipment than too much heat. Heat trapped in an unventilated equipment room or rack can lead to equipment malfunctioning or shutting down altogether.

7) Amplify your network. The wireless home network is the backbone of the home entertainment system, and you need one that goes beyond what the Internet Service Provider can provide for true performance. Say goodbye to buffering forever!

8) Consider upgrading. There is a lot of great technology that is becoming more and more mainstream. 4K Ultra HD TV looks incredible and prices are coming down. Meanwhile, wireless home audio systems and affordable home automation systems are better than ever.

9) Fix your furniture. This is a good time to consider (or reconsider) your furniture. Does it have wire management capabilities? Is it your style or something you purchased just to house your gear? There are more options than ever, for any taste.

10) Clean it up! Finally, spring clean your system in the truest sense, using electronics cleaners to shine up your screen. Dust behind your electronics and make sure everything is fingerprint-free.

Give us a call (210-828-3237) or contact us on the web for upgrades, calibrations and streamlining your electronics system. Your home will feel invigorated and your system will look and sound better than ever!

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Bjorn's 4th of July Celebration

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Celebrate July 4th and the Great Outdoors this weekend at Bjorn's! This Saturday, July 5th we will be having our next installment of Bjorn's University. This class will be about a newish category that we like to call Outdoor Living. I'm talking about, all-weather, outdoor audio and video products! Also, stop by from Noon - 2pm on Saturday, we'll be outside grilling up FREE Hamburgers and Hot Dogs as well as FREE refreshing drinks. All to say Happy 4th of July and to show you how you can make your outdoor get togethers even more entertaining.

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Daylight Healing Time

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Few of us need an in-depth scientific study to convince ourselves of the wonderfully rejuvenating and highly beneficial effects of sunshine and fresh air on both our short- and long-term health. (If you’ve been working so much lately that you can’t quite remember what it’s like to feel the sun on your face or the wind in your hair, maybe it’s time you took a day or two off.) Yet our lives are so intertwined with technology – for productivity, communication, and entertainment – that we’re not always inclined or able to “take the cure” of the great outdoors, even if it’s as simple as spending a cool, quiet morning sitting on your deck, enjoying a refreshing sunny afternoon swim in the pool, or enjoying a relaxing evening watching a movie with friends and colleagues on your patio.

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