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We've Got Connections

Which would you rather see: a tangled mess of wires stretching across the room collecting dust and waiting to trip you, or no wires at all (with no dust bunnies and no tripping)?

We understand. At Bjorn’s, we hate wires too. Unfortunately, we can’t live without them, which is why we’ve been hiding wires in homes for almost 40 years. Today it’s called custom installation, but we started doing it so long ago, it didn’t even have a name back then.

Of course, as with everything at Bjorn’s, a lot about custom installation has changed over the years. No longer are most projects as basic as installing a pair of speakers and running wires to them. Today, Bjorn’s project managers and installation technicians carefully plan and manage the installation of speakers in multiple rooms throughout customers’ homes (including outside on decks, patios, and around pools).


That’s not all. We also design and install the wiring infrastructure for video distribution (enabling multi-room TV viewing and security camera monitoring), telephone and intercom communication, local computer networking, whole-house internet access, and home automation.

Wireless connectivity, by the way, isn’t necessarily easier. It just has different obstacles to overcome. We know, because we’re wireless experts, too. It doesn’t matter whether your home is a set of blueprints or 100 years old. At Bjorn’s, we can design the custom intallation you’ve been dreaming of.


  1. Home Theater
  2. Home Automation
  3. Whole House audio/video
  1. Lighting & Climate Control
  2. Television Mounting
  3. Distributed Video
  1. Background Music
  2. Networking
  3. Conference Rooms

Our 6 Step Process

  1. Step 1

    Home & Plan Evaluation

  2. Step 2

    Design & Engineering

  3. Step 3

    Acceptance of Proposal

  4. Step 4

    Pre-wire & Installation

  5. Step 5

    Finish Out & Programming

  6. Step 6