Take Control of Your Home

Control4® is an affordable, easy to install and simple to use Home Control System. Control your home entertainment system and music and movie collections, control your lighting and heat & air conditioning, even motorized blinds ALL with ONE system and ONE remote. You can also integrate Control4® with your home security system, allowing you to monitor door locks, garage doors, and security cameras.

What is Home Control System?
A Home Control System has some similarities with a "remote," in that it let's you control things. But what makes a home control system so special is that it can control just about everything in your home, and integrate it all together into one easy to use system. It simplifies your life and makes your home more enjoyable.

Simplify Everyday Tasks
A Home Control System from Control4® allows you to easily control and automate tasks you do every day – Reduce the number of things you need to worry about and simplify others.

Create a "Good Night Scene" on your Control4® system and, with the single push of a button, lights all through the house turn off, but the bathroom light only dims to 20%, TVs shut off, the motorized blinds close, and the alarm is armed. Your system can even notify you if the garage door was left open.
Connect an IP camera to your system and watch kids play in the yard while you're in the kitchen cooking or the office working. Stop spending time looking for a CD or DVD – Just use the on-screen guide, browse your collection, and just press play.

Control4® is So Easy to Use
The BEST part about Control4® – It's simple!! Everything is controlled from ONE remote, and it's all viewable right on your TV screen with colorful, easy to read menus. You can also choose from in-wall or free-standing control pads that offer the same menu options, so no matter where you are, everything is still accessible right from your fingertips.

Go GREEN & Save Money

Control4® allows you to control and automate your lighting, motorized blinds, and thermostat for optimum energy efficiency.Up to 15% of your electronic bill goes to lighting, and studies show that up to 50% of that could be considered "wasted" – Not in the room, brighter than needed, etc. Control4® provides automated solutions, dimming options, and lighting scenes (wake up, house off, come home etc.) to help you reduce wasted lighting, save money and help the environment.
Program your thermostat to automatically drop a few degrees after you leave for work, then warm up shortly before you come home. Program your blinds to close during peak sun hours in the summer, or open during those same hours during the winter.
Peace of Mind Away from Home
You can even access your Control4® system from any computer in the world that offers an internet connection – Simply login and take control. Close your garage door, turn on/off lights, or check a security camera...From the other side of the world or your desk at work.

The Right Solution for Every Home
Control4® is the perfect solution for homes under construction or homes 100 years old. Control4® takes advantage of standard-based wires and wireless technology, making it easy to incorporate into new homes, and allowing for easy integration into existing homes without having to tear open walls or add additional wiring.
Solutions for Every Budget
Getting started with Control4® is easy. Systems start as low as $1,100, with all the necessary programming and installation included. It's also easy to create the perfect system for your needs and budget. Control4® is very flexible and expandable. Start with just a room, or pick a budget number and stick to it, then add more rooms or features as you want or need them, or as your budget allows – It's that easy.