Control4 Outlet Dimmer

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  • Control4® Wireless Outlet Dimmer LOZ-5D1
  • Enjoy the benefits of smart lighting with easy-to-use, affordable Control4 Dimmers and
    Switches. Lower your utility bills, increase your bulb life, ease your environmental conscience,
    and enjoy the convenience of pre-determined, one-touch Lighting Scenes.
    Control4 Outlet Dimmers and Switches easily plug into outlets to offer complete control of
    your plug-in lights. Control4 smart lighting control solutions are accessible to everyone, and let
    you add rooms and functions when it makes sense for you.
    • Reduce energy waste and lower your utility bills by setting lights for maximum
    energy efficiency.
    • Personalize your lights to create whatever mood you desire: gentle wake-up scenes,
    romantic mood lighting, darkened home theater for Friday night movies, or “welcome
    home” to make sure you and your family never enter a dark house again.
    • Turn standard outlets into a smart way to control two plug-in lamps or other devices, no
    special wiring required.
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Type: Home Automation

Brand: Control4

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